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15 Keys

Swirl Chimes

Colours: Customisable
Built and install within: 6-8 weeks

Product Description

The stunning sculptural presence of the 15-keys (30 keys, in total, 15 repeated) Swirl Chimes exudes not just elegance. When played, it's beautiful timbre is sure to attract everyone's attention. The tones produced are bright, pure and soothing making it ideal for music therapy, education or community music projects/programmes. The Swirl Chimes are handcrafted from heavy duty aluminium alloy and it's musical key ranges from soprano to alto. It is able to withstand the toughest of weather and still not losing any of its brilliance or going out of key. With 2 octaves of keys, you can never run out of songs/rhymes to play.

Product Details

Product Name: 15 Keys Swirl Chimes

Material: Aluminium Alloy
Size: 114cm x 91cm x 67cm

Scale & Key: 2 Octaves, Chromatic C5-C7

Timbre: Bright, glistening tones

Resonance level: High

Colours: Standard/all custom

Mounting: Ground/surface fix

Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

Mallets provided: 2

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