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5 piece

Rainbow Drums

Colours: Customisable
Built and install within: 6-8 weeks

Product Description

These eye-catching set of five outdoor drums is easily our most popular outdoor musical instrument. As drums provides pulse and rhythm, it is a must-have if you plan to construct an ensemble of outdoor musical instruments. The rainbow drums are vibrant, easy and fun to play whatever your age and they can produce lots of creative musical energy! Recommended to be built in the centre so that its music can be better resonated to the other instruments.

Product Details

Product Name: 5 Piece Rainbow Drums

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 20cm (Smallest) - 40cm (Biggest) 

Timbre: Steel, metal percussive tone

Resonance level: Medium

Colours: Standard/all custom

Mounting: Ground/surface fix

Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

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