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11 Keys

Modern Metallophones

Colours: Customisable
Built and install within: 6-8 weeks

Product Description

Designed and constructed like a modern 21st century design artefact, the 11-Keys (21 keys in total, 10 repeated) Modern Metallophones has notes arranged like a traditional xylophone or glockenspiel with low to high notes built from left to right, diatonically tuned. It's ability as an accompanying or solo instrument enables players to achieve a vast range of expression suited not just for beginners but also experienced musicians. The tone produced is sweet and dulcet. Strong, weather-proof and durable, it'll never lose it's shine or run out of tune. 

Product Details

Product Name: 11 Keys Modern Metallophones

Material: Aluminium Alloy
Size: 120cm x 57.8cm x 72.2cm

Scale & Key: <2 Octaves, Chromatic C5-F6

Timbre: Dulcet, Sweet

Resonance level: Medium

Colours: Standard/all custom

Mounting: Ground/surface fix

Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

Mallets provided: 4

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