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15 Keys

Grand Metallophones

Colours: Customisable
Built and install within: 6-8 weeks

Product Description

The 15-keys (30 Keys in total, 15 repeated) Grand Metallophones is not just intriguing and addictive to play with, the aesthetics and design of this instrument is just, oh well, grand. The keys have reasonably amount of sustain when strike and they sound like sweet tines. It's signature timbre is bright and crispy making it an ideal instrument for solo playing. Constructed from the very durable aluminium alloy, it can withstand all kinds of hostile weather. With 2 octaves of keys to play with, one can never run out of songs/rhymes to play with. Construct one to bring class to your garden!

Product Details

Product Name: 15 Keys Grand Metallophones

Material: Aluminium Alloy
Size: 146cm x 54cm x 72cm

Scale & Key: 2 Octaves, Chromatic C4-C6

Timbre: Crisp, bright tones

Resonance level: Medium - High

Colours: Standard/all custom

Mounting: Ground/surface fix

Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

Mallets provided: 4

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