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15 Keys

Butterfly Chimes

Colours: Customisable
Built and install within: 6-8 weeks

Product Description

The 15-keys (30 keys in total, 15 repeated keys) Butterfly Chimes can produce etherial-like, magical sounding tones. Its tone produced are sweet and mellow with good amount of resonance. The butterfly-like structure resembles a standing, bowl-shaped metallophone. The Polythene (PE) frame and stainless steel chimes makes it resistant to any types of weather. The chimes on both sides are repeated and with four mallets, it makes it a great instrument for duet  playing opportunities. With 15 keys, you'll never run out of songs/keys to play with. 

Product Details

Product Name: 15 Keys Butterfly Chimes

Material: Aluminium Alloy
Size: 185cm x 56cm x 85cm

Scale & Key: 2 Octaves, Chromatic C5-C7

Timbre: Mellow, sweet tones

Resonance level: Medium - High

Colours: Standard/all custom

Mounting: Ground/surface fix

Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

Mallets provided: 4

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